Many of you who regularly travel Keene Road in West Richland are chomping at the bit for the intersection improvement project at Bombing Range Road to finish.

"We're still scheduled for the end of October getting that all open to traffic. They're finishing up next week on the northeast corner. They'll get that paved and they'll be able to open up a free right turn lane. That'll help with the traffic while they're finishing up the project." Public Works Director Roscoe Slade said.

The city has been conducting a speed analysis to get the speed limit consistent down the Keene corridor. Drivers can expect the speed limits changes when the project completes.

"Keene Road will be consistently 40 (MPH) west of Bombing Range Road all the way out to Rupert, and then remain at 45 (MPH) when you head towards Richland from Bombing Range towards the city of Richland." Slade said.

Elsewhere, the water sewer project on Van Giesen will take more time to complete. Crews continue to work on the infrastructure. That will pave the way for crews to start road work before the end of next year.

"So, they finished the section between where the new police station is at in West Richland and Paradise way. Contractors are now working between Paradise and 62nd." Slade said.

Slade says the 62nd Avenue Pavement Preservation Program and the water main replacement is nearly wrapped up.

Looking ahead, crews plan to build five single lane roundabouts over three miles of Van Giesen Street at Keene Road, Paradise Way, Rupert Road, 62nd Avenue and Grosscup Boulevard.

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