Little Miss Muffet NEVER had it this bad! A Spokane teenager is recovering from bumps and bruises after a terrifying car crash early Tuesday morning on Highway 395 near the town of Hatch around 8 a.m. The unnamed 17-year-old girl told authorities a spider dropped down from the roof of the car onto her face.

Apparently when she went to swat the spider away, she lost control of her car. It careened out of control off the road, flipping three times before coming to a rest in the median! Although fire crews had to use the Jaws Of Life to extricate her from the wreck, she was only transported to a nearby hospital for observation with bumps and bruises. No citations were issued at the scene of the accident, which happened just south of Spokane. Pictures from the scene show just how far the car traveled during the three flips. The top of car was cut off via the Jaws Of Life.