Spokane County Prosecutors have started an unusual campaign against a career criminal who's been arrested 71 times.

30-year-old Nicolas Limpert, who appeared in Spokane County Superior Court Thursday on a second-degree assault charge, is a rare example of a career criminal who's dodged the "3-strikes" prison punishment because once he turned 18, none of his crimes have qualified as felonies.

Limpert was convicted of murder when he was a teenager, and has a total of 15 felonies, but other than that charge, most of his crimes (according to NW Cable News) are considered "petty."

Prosecutors attempted to ask for consecutive sentences to be served for the assault and an identity theft charge, which would have put him away for at least 8 years, but the judge ruled against that, giving him five.

Now, prosecutors are back again, attempting to stack the charges to put him in the state pen for at least 10 years or more. Despite the classifying of most of his crimes as petty, prosecutors say he is a threat to the public.