According to various news reports, Spokane's Camp Hope is now empty.

The last of the residents have been moved out

According to The Center Square and other sources, the final few inhabitants have been moved presumably to other shelter locations. The specific areas they went to were not identified, but now the multi-acre location is empty.

Since its beginning in December of 2021, the camp located alongside I-90 in Spokane near the Thor-Freya Exit had at one time grown to just over 600 persons. It was the largest single homeless camp in the state.

With it came numerous complaints from area residents, as well as some crime issues. The City of Spokane and WA State Department of Transportation battled over whose responsibility it was to clear the camp, due to its proximity to the freeway.

After months of discussion, and a judge's ruling to clear the camp, the last of the residents were cleared out this last week.

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According to information from the Department of Commerce, at least $25 million was provided to give services and help relocate and provide services for the residents, by way of the DOT Right of Way Initiative. Millions of other dollars were also provided through various charity housing groups and initiatives.

According to The Center Square, officials say they are working on steps to prevent any future such encampments from being re-started at the Camp Hope location. Crews are breaking down the limited infrastructure created by the inhabitants, and the DOT has posted numerous No Trespassing signs.

Officials believe all traces of the camp will be removed within a few weeks.

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