The WA State Department of Commerce is awarding a total of $240K to five housing development groups around the state.

  Walla Walla among the recipients

DOC says the money is going to communities is says are on "the razor's edge" when it comes to needing to provide more affordable housing.

According to DOH, the money will be used:

 " support coordination of land use planning and homeless services planning. Each city or county-led partnership will use the funds to coordinate resources and plan for their lowest income housing needs, including residents experiencing homelessness."

According to DOC:

 "Washington is projected to need more than 1.1 million new housing units over the next 20 years, with half of these units needed to house vulnerable residents earning less than half of their area median income."

One of the five projects is in Walla Walla, and the money will be used by the City of Walla Walla, College Place and the Walla Walla Housing Authority.  According to the project information sheet, the WW money will be used for:

"Development of countywide planning policies that support planning for the lowest income housing needs, decisions on how much affordable housing will be planned for in each jurisdiction, and coordination of local comprehensive plans and the countywide 5-year plan to reduce homelessness."

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