No, the semi truck was not officially part of the Starbucks corporation. But it was carrying a lot more than coffee supplies when it got pulled over on I-5 a few days ago.

Authorities have had the weekend to investigate the shocking cargo on board the truck. According to the Spokesman Review Newspaper, Centralia, WA Police said the truck was pulled over for a traffic stop on I-5. The truck was carrying a load of Starbucks K-cups, or supplies for Keurig type coffee makers bound for Spokane.

During the stop the driver and passenger began to act nervous and suspicious, so officials called in a drug K-9. It's not uncommon for this to happen because these trucks are sometimes used to haul illegal drugs. Due to the behavior of the two men, police got suspicious. Centralia police said they found 126 lbs. of meth that was to be distributed somewhere, possibly Spokane. Authorities also found thousands of Oxycontin pills as well!

Officials didn't say if the drugs were bound for Spokane or another destination. The two men, one from Mexico, the other from CA, were arrested by federal agents. None of the Starbucks products were found to have been compromised by the wrapped packaged drugs.

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