Be careful when recreating in the great outdoors!

Starting Monday, a burn ban will go into effect on all land under the jurisdiction of the Washington State Department of Natural Resources.

This includes private and public land, and state parks and campgrounds. This ban will not apply to federally-controlled areas.

But if you're planning to toast the marshmallows, you're in luck.  From the DNR release:

"The ban will apply to all outdoor burning on DNR-protected forestlands with the following exceptions:


 1.     Recreational fires in approved fire pits within designated state, county, municipal or other campgrounds.

So you can still go recreate and have that campfire -- just don't build it out in the wilderness!  57 fires have already been fought this year by DNR fire crews. And, if they are able to determine the source of a fire, those people get the bill when it's over!

So be smart, and have fun camping this summer!


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