Since 2013, House Democrats have pushed various versions of what has been known as the Reproductive Parity Act. It basically would require ALL insurance companies that operate in Washington state and offer maternity coverage to also offer abortion coverage as well. They would have to pay for the abortions.

The bill usually made it through the Democrat-controlled house, with voting along party lines. Then when it ran into the GOP-controlled Senate, it was turned away. That's why you never really heard much about it.

But due to a hotly contested seat in the Seattle area, the Democrats now have a one vote majority in the Senate. Many political experts believe the 'obstacle' has been removed, and if the group votes along party lines, the bill would pass.

The bill would require all insurance companies to pay for abortions if they also offer maternity coverage--regardless of their religious or other affiliation or beliefs. Some insurance companies have stated they will not do so due to their stance on the matter.

But if the Reproductive Parity Act passes, it will be interesting to see if potential litigation follows.

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