A bill proposed by 35 Democratic House members in Washington state appears at first glance to be a moot point.


As the 2022 legislative session begins, House Democrats have filed a curious bill.

HB1618 (house bill) would prohibit weapons (not just guns) at election-related offices and such facilities.

Sponsored by Democratic House Rep April Berg of Mill Creek, the bill was officially filed on January 10th.  Part of the test of the bill reads as follows: (from legislative synopsis)

"The carrying and possession of firearms and other specified weapons in certain election offices and facilities is prohibited. Restricted areas include ballot counting centers, voting centers, student engagement hubs, county elections and voter registration offices, and areas of facilities used as a ballot counting center, voting center, student engagement hub, or county elections and voter registration office."

This would not apply to law enforcement officers. There are other specified weapons such as Tasers etc. but it's firearms that come into focus here.

WA Law already restricts bringing guns into schools, airports, bars, taverns, jails and courthouses, and (with a few exceptions) mental health facilities.


With Washington being a vote-by-mail state, there are not exactly a lot of people who go to election-related venues. Adding "election-related" facilities to the list is...curious.

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This bill would require modifying the already existing RCW laws in adding these election centers to the list.

Already pro-gun advocates are saying this is another small end-around effort to further squeeze the rights of gun owners in WA state. We will see how far it gets.

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