Hard to believe, but the Washington State House of Representatives has passed a bill (heading into the weekend) that if it clears the State Senate and becomes law, would prohibit state and local law enforcement from sharing information about illegals with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

The bill was sponsored by West-side Democratic legislator Rep. Lillian-Ortiz-Self. She and supporters claim the bill ensures safety and security for citizens, to make sure they "feel protected" referring to illegals. She also claims it will make such citizens more willing to cooperate with law enforcement.

However, opponents say the recent shooting of a Kittitas County Sheriff's deputy by an illegal points out the need to share data and information.  They say numerous cases in WA and across the country indicate if local-state authorities were able to work with ICE, many criminals or dangerous persons could have been deported prior to committing serious crimes.

If the bill passes, local or state officers would not be able to let ICE know (for example) they have arrested and illegal, or they know of an illegal who has a known criminal record or is wanted on outstanding warrants.

Democrats claim illegals who commit crimes will still be prosecuted, but critics say that will only happen AFTER the fact.  This bill, if it passes, would put Washington state in the same status as San Francisco, and the state of California--officially sanctuary status.

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