It is not lost on many people that during the height of the COVID Pandemic, when things were locked down, people were hoarding supplies, we NEVER had fuel shortages. Stores ran out of many items, but fuel was never one of them...

But fast-forward now, post-Biden pipeline shutdown, limits on fracking and other domestic fuel production, and now government officials are blaming fuel shortages on a lack of truck drivers and other related factors.

Anyway, the Washington State Department of Commerce is advising travelers, especially during the Memorial Day weekend, to install an app on their phone to track which convenience stores or gas stations are 'out.'

According to officials with the Department of Commerce, the COVID-19 pandemic with all its licensing and other shutdowns, caused a backlog and shortage of truck drivers. DOC says 80 percent of cities and towns in Washington state depend solely upon supplies (food, groceries, materials, and gas) to be delivered by truck. WA officials claim, also, fewer drivers enrolling in trucking schools, then backlog getting CDL etc. But not putting thumbscrews on oil industry.

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Elizabeth King, the State Emergency Energy Director at the DOC said this Tuesday:

“People are eager to travel, and because of the pandemic we’re expecting to see a lot more folks making stops at gas stations. While fuel supplies are healthy, gas stations are sometimes seeing a delay in fuel deliveries so we want people to be prepared in case they have to make a few stops."

More people are expected to drive than fly, due to the airlines restrictive policies. Officials claim this will put more strain on fuel supply.

DOC and others are suggesting installing an APP on your phone. Gas Buddy already has that feature built-in, especially the latest updated downloads.

It's interesting that while increased travel this year over last will cause more fuel demands, we did not have any shortages of fuel in all of last year. One would think if the conditions these officials claim have been present (lack of drivers etc.) we'd have had these problems in 2020 and early 2021.

Their math doesn't add up.  Many experts say it's a ripple effect of the cutback of domestic production and clamping down on energy independence by the Biden Administration. A good example is how gas prices have risen (Mid-Columbia) by over $1.10 per gallon since January 15th of this year. Hmmm...


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