A stolen car report, a sharp-eyed neighbor and police work led to the apprehension of not only the car suspect but the same person who might have fired a gun through the window of a Pasco motel room.

  Police responded to a report early Monday morning about the theft of a white Mazda (pictured) that was stolen from a neighborhood around 5am. Then shortly after 9am, police responded to the Tahitian Motel on 28th for a report of a bullet fired through the front window of an occupied room.

Nobody was hurt, but the people inside couldn't give police any concrete details. Then came the break. Around 5:11pm, a neighbor in the 900 block of Road 34 called police to report suspicious activity across the street. Apparently they thought the car parked in the driveway was similar to the white stolen Mazda featured on the Pasco PD Facebook earlier.

Sure enough, it was. The dispatcher ran the plate given by the witness and it matched the stolen car. Police swarmed the area. They arrested 39-year-old Frank Michael Humphries and 35-year-old Jorge Ballesteros on various drug and possession charges.

Now police are looking into whether they were the ones who fired the gun, shattering the motel window. Police are now investigating to see if the gun pictured here matches the one fired at the Tahitian.

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