A Richland woman is devastated after her gnomes went missing recently.

They mean a lot to me and I’m just so saddened.
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In a post on the Nextdoor app:

I know how silly this seems. But somebody stole our Halloween themed garden gnomes off of our doorstep recently and we are heartbroken. They have traveled with us across the country and are very special to us. If anybody sees them please let me know. There are two of them: a lady skeleton that is holding a black cat and a grumpy old man that is holding a sign that says wicked and I think he has a black bird in his other hand. If you took them please return them. And if anybody sees them please let me know. They are incredibly sentimental to me and my husband. Thank you!

Personally, I've always thought that gnomes are kind of creepy. But, whatever. They're popular to many people.

Credit: Bailey Pridemore
Credit: Bailey Pridemore

I contacted the resident, Bailey. She told me that the gnomes are sentimental to her and her husband. They purchased them together. She's always been fearful that someone would take them. That fear is now reality.

From our conversation:

I’m devastated. My husband and I bought them the month we got married. I always was scared someone would take them. They traveled with us by car from Virginia to Washington. They are a good representation of my husband and I. They mean a lot to me and I’m just so saddened.

If you know where these stolen gnomes are, please return them. What good are they to you?

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