Police didn't say where the altercation took place, but it ended up with a Loss Prevention Officer taking an injury to their hand.

Saturday Kennewick Officers say this man walked to the checkout counter with several hundred dollars worth of merchandise.


However, after being told how much it cost, he then allegedly tried to walk out with the goods, right past the checkout counter. However a Loss Prevention Officer (LPO) derailed him. Then, a scuffle broke out as the suspect engaged in a physical confrontation with the person.

Police didn't say if the man got out with the good or not, but he fled outside on foot, then left in a smaller black car, unknown model. The LPO sustained the minor hand injury.

The suspect was wearing a black Portland Trail Blazers "Rip City" shirt, he was bald, about 6' 3" probably 180 lbs. He also had a tattoo on his neck that resembled wings, according to witnesses.


Because of his choice to brawl with the security worker, he now upped his theft to a felony assault charge, and according to WA state law, that's strong arm robbery.

The investigation continues, anyone who may know or have information about this man, you're urged to call (509)-628-0333. All leads can be confidential.

This is the third such shoplifting-theft incident in the last couple of weeks that was escalated into a felony, because the suspect chose to engage in physical confrontations with store security.

Wonder if any of these products were in his stash?


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