Let's be clear here. Women prefer rock hard abs to flabby beer bellies. But a new study says they apparently prefer MEN with bellies to MEN with six packs! By A LOT!

  • Fit men have such a bad reputation that 96 percent of women say they automatically assume a guy with a belly is going to have a better personality than a man with a washboard stomach.
  • 91 percent of women say the strong men they know spend too much time at the gym and make for bad partners.
  • 80 percent say the hunks they've dated were terrible at relaxing and having fun. They always obsessed about what they ate and how many calories they were burning.
  • Lucky for you and me, 74 percent of women say dating a guy with a great body makes them feel self conscious about their own jiggles!

Whereas women often complain their men want them to slim down or get plastic surgery, 82 percent of women say they never pressure their men about their bodies.

The best news of all? Only 6 percent of those surveyed said it really bothers them if their man puts on weight.

So let's all celebrate with another beer (and maybe cake. Did anybody bring cake?)

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