The group Challenge Hanford is calling for a new independent study after 3 Hanford workers cars were found to have radioactive material.

All 3 cars had been cleared by Hanford to leave the facility and were approved as clear from radiation before being tested in the stuy. After taking samples, the study showed that 3 or the 30 cars tested had radioactive material in the air filters.

The study was done by an engineer with Boston Chemical Data Corp named Marco Kaltofen. It was part of a research report to identify the spread of radioactive contamination at workers homes and cars, according to reports.

The study also found that 6 homes of Hanford employees had trace low levels of contamination.

Now Hanford Challenge wants to have a new independent study to identify the risks and levels of contamination in the Tri-cities and surrounding area.

The Hanford Challenge's mission statement from their website states:

We work to hold Hanford accountable. We do this by protecting whistleblowers, promoting discovery of common ground among traditional opponents, conducting environmental sampling, and generating creative resolutions and collaborative opportunities for improving the cleanup. Our goal for Hanford is a site that performs its cleanup obligations in a transparent, efficient, creative manner at a reasonable cost to the taxpayer and in a fashion that protects health and safety, the environment, and future generations.

Read the entire report by clicking here.

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