Spending on the First Family has shot upwards to record highs.

According to the author of a new book, $1.4 billion has been spent by taxpayers on the Obama family for staffing, housing, entertaining and flying to vacations and campaigns. Robert Keith Gray's new book "Presidential Perks Gone Royal" takes a hard look at the money spent by Obama. Gray writes that while other presidents have enjoyed or taken advantage of presidential perks, the Obama administration has recorded all-time high amounts, including the biggest and highest-paid presidential staff ever!

The book also questions the use of Air Force One for Obama's "political trips." It's not uncommon for an acting president to combine official business with a campaign stop, but Obama has been using Air Force One with the regularity of a commercial airline, according to the book. Gray also questions if it's fair for the incumbent president (any president) to have this advantage in an election year.