Thanks to a surveillance camera and security system, a Pasco homeowner was able to help thwart an attempted burglary early Wednesday morning.

Police were called around 5:12am to the 4300 block of West Sylvester. A homeowner was watching two suspects attempt to break into their home using tools, capturing the event on video.  Police arrived within a couple of minutes, and saw the two jump over a backyard fence--well, almost.

One of the suspects, whom police said was "well-fed" lost a shoe, which made it much easier for K-9 Jucon to track him down.  The second suspect, after jumping the fence behind his partner, landed right in front of two police officers who had just come running up.

The shoe-less suspect tried to hide, but when he realized Jucon was sniffing him out and prepared to pounce, gave up quickly.

Now in the Franklin County jail are 28-year-old Jacob Roy Sanders of Richland, and 31-year-old Cooper James Bricker of Kennewick.

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