19-year-old Raheem Mayberry is in the Benton County jail, connected to the fatal shooting of a man Saturday night.

Around 6PM, Mayberry was one of four suspects who were chasing 21-year-old Patrick Romero near North Dennis St. and West Bruneau Place. One of the four men fatally shot Romero, then they all ran Mayberry's car and left the scene.

Later Saturday night, Mayberry was located and arrested, he's facing First Degree Rendering Criminal Assistance.

According to reports, Mayberry admitted he knew one of the men in the car was the shooter. Police have not released information as to what led up to the incident. More is expected soon.

The area of the shooting is not far from Umpqua Bank, Moneytree and a former car lot operated by West Coast Auto Dealers.

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