Morrow County Sheriff officials have now released the list of charges facing a 28-year-old Hermiston man after he allegedly stole a car and led officers on a wild chase Tuesday morning.

Matthew James Way was driving a 2009 Ford Focus reported stolen from Hermiston. A Morrow County deputy attempted to execute a traffic stop on the car but "Way sped away," leading officers on a chase down Highway 730 into Irrigon.

Although it only lasted about four minutes, the chase led the deputy and police down several streets, until Way turned down a dead-end road. The deputy parked his cruiser at an angle, blocking most of Way's escape.

He turned around, then sped at a high rate of speed right at the cruiser, only swerving at the last minute.

During the chase Way also grazed, and nearly struck, a City of Irrigon vehicle.

He was finally cornered and two deputies ordered him to exit the vehicle at gunpoint.

Way was taken into custody. A female passenger identified as 51-year-old Maria Elena Montez of Irrigon was detained at the scene then released with no charges. Way is now in the Umatilla County jail facing five counts of Reckless Endangerment, Felony Eluding, Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle, and Reckless Driving.


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