Around 5:35PM Tuesday evening a number of concerned citizens called 911 to report what appeared to be a man behind the wheel of car, having a seizure in the Fiesta Foods parking lot.

When people approached to check on him, he lurched off hitting an occupied vehicle, then heading west on Columbia. He then ran the stop sign at 10th Ave., jumped the curb and finally hit a fence.

Police surrounded him with their patrol cars, cutting off any escape. The man continued to display seizure like symptoms behind the wheel, but then officers caught sight of a piece of burned tin foil in the man's hand, the foil later tested positive for heroin. Despite being surrounded, the man continued to thrash and then nod with his head, all while still trying to drive--hitting police car pushbars with his vehicle.

After he was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment, he is facing a multitude of charges including:  DUI, Hit and Run Attended, and Driving While Suspended. However, due to the ongoing medical event, he was not immediately booked into the jail.

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