Grant County Deputies were kept busy Tuesday evening, chasing a suspect on a stolen motorcycle, then a 3-hour standoff during which the perp tried to switch clothes with another person--and have cops nail THAT guy.

Around 2PM Tuesday, a GCSO Deputy clocked what turned out to be a stolen motorcycle traveling at 87MPH on State Route 28. The Deputy followed at a safe distance, and was able to determine the identity of the rider, a Mr. Robert Gwinn (age and hometown not reported).

He stopped behind a home on Road B-5 Northeast, a few miles from Soap Lake. The Officer approached him as Gwinn appeared to be reaching for a knife in his pocket. He ignored commands and fled inside a trailer behind the home.

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Then the weirdness began. A few minutes later, a man came out of the trailer wearing the same clothes Gwinn had on during the chase, and the helmet. However, he didn't match Gwinn's physical description and had long blonde hair. He tried to tell Deputies he was the suspect.

Then began a 3-hour standoff during which Gwinn refused to exit. He was finally flushed out around 7:45 PM by tear gas shot into the windows, and he surrendered without incident to the Moses Lake Police Department SWAT team.

Two other persons at the location, determined to be Delia A. Vasquez age 35, and Betsy L. Peraza age 40, were arrested for obstructing law enforcement as they continually tried to interfere on Gwinn's behalf.

Deputies say they also live in the trailer and are apparent "allies" of the suspect. Well now, they can all be "allies" in the Grant County jail.

An updated video report was filed by Grant County Sheriff's Office. Grant Foreman of the Department filed the information.


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