Perhaps it was guilt, or she thought the police would find her soon.

Pasco officers reported Wednesday the woman driver of a suspect's getaway vehicle (pictured) has turned herself into authorities and is facing charges for her role in a suspect's fleeing.

Tuesday afternoon, Brandon Louis Watts was in Pasco Municipal Court after being remanded into custody. The judge had ordered him to wait until an officer could deal with him (put him in jail). But Watts fled from the courtroom to the parking lot, where a getaway car was waiting.

The driver of the vehicle refused to stop, striking the bailiff who was chasing them. He was scuffed up in the process and his glasses knocked off and broken. Then Wednesday, the woman turned herself into Pasco police. While she's facing potential Reckless Driving and Rendering Criminal Assistance charges, Watts is still on the loose.

However, police indicated they know where he lives, and now that she is in custody-as well as the vehicle-his days of freedom are likely numbered.

But it's pretty crass, regardless of their relationship, that Watts left the woman high and dry by not surrendering himself.

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