Friday, February 16th, residents at the Flamingo Village mobile home park called police to report shots being fired at a home.

Upon arrival authorities saw a car speeding away from the scene. They were able to give chase, and arrested the three men pictured,(from left  to rightCaesar Larios-Vargas Jr, Allen P. Nicholson, Miguel A. Montalvo.  They were in a green Taurus, and police found a pistol inside.  Pictured is the victim's car with bullet holes, but no one was injured in the incident. Police say shots were fired at a specific home.

However, despite the arrests and recovery of the weapon, police say there still may be one or two other people involved and a second gun may have been involved. They said lack of cooperation from people in the park and the victims is making it more difficult to find out who the others may be.

Anyone with any information is asked to call (509)-545-3421. All leads are confidential.

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