Sunday morning, police were called to the Walgreen's parking lot on Clearwater at Highway 395 because there were two guys in a car, right in front of the store, and were acting like they were from Pluto.

A store employee called 911 to report the two men, who appeared to be either intoxicated or very much under the influence of drugs.

Upon arrival, police found Robert Wortman had been using the stolen Mustang for nearly a week. His accomplice, Justin Harris, was later released from the scene after it was determined he was not an accessory to the theft. Police were not able to contact the car's owner immediately, so it will be impounded until the owner is found, and likely searched for more evidence later.

It's suspected the two were under the influence, but police did not directly say if any evidence of drugs were found. Wortman is facing auto theft charges.

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