Pasco police are definitely considering arson as a possible cause of a second fire in a year at an empty apartment complex. The building and discard lumber pile are seen engulfed in flames in this Pasco PD photo. No one was living in the building as it was being renovated.

Just over a year ago, fire damaged a four-plex apartment at 2210 West Henry Place. The structure was boarded up as it was being renovated and repaired.

Then around 2:47am Friday morning, crews were called to another fire that caused even more damage. Authorities are trying to figure out how the fire, which started in a pile of discard construction lumber managed to reach the main structure.

Anyone with any information is asked to call Pasco Police at (509)-545-3421. All leads are confidential.

The general area of 2210 West Henry Place is seen below (Google Street View).

2210 West Henry Place, scene of suspicious fire (Google Street View)