More Businesses Snared in Pasco Biofuel Fraud Scheme
Another business owner is facing fraud charges after it was found they participated in a green energy fraudulent business based out of Pasco.
You may recall in 2017 Scott C. Johnson, 43, of Burbank, was sentenced to 8 years in prison over his role in green power fraud stemming from the now defunct Pa…
Attorney General Files Suit Against Wapato City Administrator
Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson has filed a lawsuit against the City Administrator (City Manager) of Wapato, accusing him of using his position to enrich himself.
The suit also accuses Juan Orozco of this misconduct, and is asking he refund any monies or profits he gained from this mis…
Franklin County Flies Drones in Assault Investigation
As part of their ongoing effort to inform the public about the use of drones in various investigations and cases, Franklin County Sheriff's Deputies flew over Mesa Friday evening, mapping out some areas.
A grid location near May Ave. and Manton Way was mapped from a drone as part of an ongoing a…

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