Help Find a Home for Kazi, The 3-Legged Pit Bull!
As part of the Community Day of Service in the Tri-Cities (It's held every Mid-June) our staff at our Townsquare Media radio stations always goes down the road to the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter, and helps walk the dogs. It's located at 1312 South 18th Ave, just off A street by the Pasco bas…
New Mandatory Dog Shoe Law Coming to Kennewick - For Winter
Given that we get pretty harsh winters here in the Mid-Columbia, several groups have convinced the City of Kennewick to take bold steps to protect animals, namely dogs.
Starting in 2019, January 1st, a new code will go into effect requiring dog owners to place shoes on their canine's feet when t…
'Exploding' Walla Walla Drug Problem-K9's Now Drug Trained
Two Walla Walla K-9's have proven police dogs can be extremely smart, and utilized for multiple purposes.
Due to what officials called an 'exploding' drug problem in Walla Walla county, Sheriff's deputies say the decision was made to cross train their two K-9's, Murphy (pictu…

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