Forget Snowmageddon–Irrigation Outlook Growing Worse
Regardless of Snowmageddon in February, it's the snowpack in Cascades and elsewhere, and reservoir levels that determine what water will look like irrigation wise this year, and every year.
Kennewick Irrigation District, and others, are now saying the water levels are dropping when it comes to p…
Irrigation Shut Off Dates
Now is a good time to get that Fall fertilizer on so you can water it in at least once before your irrigation is turned off.
KID Shuts down this Friday the13th!
CID on Sunday the 15th.
Pasco City Irrig and Horn Rapids, 16th.
BMID (Badger Mtn), you've got a week from this Friday, the 20th...
KID Customers Get H2O Service Back Soon After Leak
KID says that they have repaired the leak found on the main canal near Badger Road and Interstate 82 and water service should be returned in 24 to 36 hours. The cement section has been re[aired but it will take more then a day for the water to reach all customers...

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