The stuff people dump in canals is getting stranger and stranger (KID)
The stuff people dump in canals is getting stranger and stranger (KID)

The Kennewick Irrigation District has perhaps been channeling the Pasco PD when it comes to information releases lately. The use of the word 'crap' was us, NOT them.

KID says they love to sail like a pirate, but not in canals

This was on their Facebook page Monday:

"Ahoy Mateys! 🏴‍☠️ Have you heard any good pirate jokes lately? Well, neither have ayyyye.
What do you call it when the crew of a pirate ship plots mutiny? A consipra-sea!"
  Seriously though, the KID wants people to refrain from dumping stuff into the canals, especially the feeders (larger canals).
   Perhaps this reminder was spurred on by this 'boat' that was found in one of their waterways recently.
   Fortunately, nobody was 'attached' to it, but some of the other items found recently in the water include wood pallets, car tires, large amounts of grass clippings, bikes, and even construction debris.
 Tires and bikes are bad enough, but the items that float often cause the most problems--as do organic materials like lawn debris. These can foul up or clog screens, cause pumps to overheat, and stop pushing the water to customers--sometimes resulting in expensive damage and lengthy outages.
   If you're that bent on watching stuff float away, maybe get a kiddie pool and do it in your own backyard!  Just a thought...unless you don't want any water supplies to keep your lawn from dying...

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