WA Legislator Believes School Bus Seat Belt Law Will Pass
It's been tried before but never passed. But now, the bill's sponsor believes there's enough support to put seat belts on school buses.
Rep. Gina Mosbrucker (GOP) who's from the 14th District (Goldendale WA area) has introduced HB (House Bill 1057) which would require seat belts …
Walla Walla School District is 'Perfect' in What Way?
Parents of students who attend school in the Walla Walla School District, or ride any of their transportation sources will be happy.
School District Officials announced Wednesday morning they achieved a very RARE perfect score during their latest inspection by the Washington State Patrol...
City Officials Unveil Plans For 'Improving' Zintel Canyon Safety
After a public meeting and hearing, Kennewick City officials have announced a multi-step plan they say will not only make Zintel Canyon safer, but also increase access for visitors and hikers.
The efforts were largely spurred on because of a series of 9 suspicious fires that broke out in the greenbel…

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