Not only is this illegal, it could be potentially dangerous for criminal use.

Judicial Watch has published information about an open borders group that's just launched an app that utilizes a wide variety of data and information to alert illegal aliens about ICE or Federal activity in their area, with the hopes of helping them elude authorities.

The group, known as United We Dream, has received funding from George Soros as well as U.S. backed financial efforts. Soros' Open Society Foundation (OSF) has provided funding for the app. United We Dream is a youth-based offshoot of the infamous National Immigration Law Center.

The app specifically utilizes high tech online and social communications, and also potentially monitor other law enforcement online activities. With a push of a button, someone with the app can alert dozens, even hundreds of other people if (for example) they see ICE or other Federal agents or they come knocking at their door.

It's basically a social media alarm. The app is called Notifica (Notify in Spanish). It even comes, on the web page and the download, with instructions of what to do if you encounter law enforcement. Specific directions of how to alert others and more.

Law enforcement officials and critics dismiss the developer's claims it's to 'protect' illegals or others who have just come to the U.S. They say such an app could also easily be put to criminal use by drug dealers, burglars, or any other such individuals.

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