'Westie' to call 2500th game (TC AMS)
'Westie' to call 2500th game (TC AMS)


For the last nine years as the PA guy, I've had the opportunity to be across the Toyota Center from Craig West, and tonight (Tuesday March 15th) he reaches a rare milestone. My station also works with them as the flagship station for Ams games and has done so for decades.

Craig West to call his 2500th WHL Hockey game on radio

He's one of those folks who's born to be an announcer.  From his days in CA  calling baseball games, to his time with the Spokane Chiefs to TC Americans, it's been quite a ride.

The list of games he's done is impressive, but tonight he will reach a rare milestone, 2500 WHL games.

 Congrats coming in from all over the league

The Americans on Twitter released a video of former players and other broadcasters who wished him congrats and well-wishes for the milestone.

He's also known for his witty and hilarious expressions during the games, one of my faves is 'the paratroopers have left the building,' or "pulling the chute" referring to fans leaving early if a game is either really way ahead or far behind.  Another one refers to a top shelf goal (over goalie's shoulder) :

"Top Shelf, Up Where Uncle Bob Keeps the Bourbon Bottle"

Craig's  career spans decades, there  are few ahead of him. Bob Ridley of the Medicine Hat Tigers did his 4,000th game in 2021, he's been their only announcer for 50 years.,  By comparison the Saskatoon Blades  radio guy took 20 years  to hit his 1,500th game.

His sports  stories  are legendary, as is his ability to prognosticate what will happen in sports, whether it's baseball or hockey. He should be a commentator on Fox or ESPN because he is so good at predicting trends, and such.

So as we listen tonight, remember you're hearing one of the best in sports of all time, regardless of what sport it is.


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