An 18-year-old man will now spend quite a bit of time in jail after he allegedly tried to 'scare' family members by placing a box on their porch and telling them there was a bomb inside.

Mabton police now say the cost of bringing out the bomb squad and other related law enforcement will exceed $5,000.

It seems Joe Luis Camacho was angry with some folks over a family situation, according to the   He decided the best way to get back at them was to place the package on their porch and tell them there was a bomb inside.

Mabton and other police arrived, and the Kennewick Bomb Squad opened the box, but found no explosives.

Camacho will not only be facing charges, but he will also be likely hit with the bill to cover the cost of the bomb squad and other crews having to report. Camacho will be learning about the intricacies of the Yakima County jail now.

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