Early Thursday morning, Benton County Sheriff's Deputies had to respond to yet ANOTHER incident involving teen drivers, in this case, juveniles who it appears did not have a license.

Deputies say the four, ages 14-15, were in a car that had been taken from one of their parents without permission. They were on a gravel road near Badger Canyon Road when "inexperience" behind the wheel, speed, and gravel all led to a rollover crash.

One of the teens was taken to an area hospital with minor injuries. The driver, say Deputies, could be facing charges for driving without a valid license and driving too fast for conditions.

In the photograph, to the right, it appears one of the teens is sitting on the ground, probably ordered to 'stay put' by Deputies.

This is the fourth such incident in the last couple of weeks involving underage or teen drivers who wrecked vehicles by driving in a completely unsafe manner.

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