Benton County Deputies and a wrecker responded to a remote rural area near Prosser Tuesday after a pair of teens narrowly avoided rolling their SUV a steep hill.

Shortly before noon, Deputies were called to a section of South Lincoln Road in the rural Prosser area, and found this maroon SUV mired in gravel on the edge of a steep hill.

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Officials say the 16-year-old male driver was speeding excessively fast, well over the 25 MPH posted speed limit. He lost control, fishtailed and ended up stuck in loose gravel; which actually kept the vehicle from rolling and tumbling down this steep embankment.  That, say Deputies, could have been far worse.

Vehicle narrowly avoids rolling down steep embankment (BCSO)
Vehicle narrowly avoids rolling down steep embankment (BCSO)

The drive and his 16-year-old passenger were not injured in the incident, but both likely needing a change of underwear after this one.  Especially considering the view they would have had of the hill after they stopped.

And, one more question: Why weren't they in school? Hmmmm!

Maybe when driver gets a little older, he can drive in a safer manner.

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