You've heard us talk extensively about Indulge, the classy, fun, ladies night out this Saturday at the Three Rivers Convention Center. Here are 10 reasons why YOU need to encourage her to go!

10.   If you encourage her to go, especially if you buy the tickets for her and maybe her "bestie" it will make her less likely to slap you when you wake her up at 1:30 a.m. for extracurricular activities!

9. When was the last time she got to go to a real fashion show?  Probably never.

8. You can look at the items she bought from the premiere vendor shopping booths for easy ideas for Christmas! So when the holiday arrives, you'll have gotten her something she likes!

7. While she's at Indulge, you can go out and play pool with your buddies!

6. Take a picture of her all dolled up for Indulge (before she leaves), post it on Facebook and show everyone what a hottie you're married to -- we'd do that!

5. An event of this magnitude has never been held in Tri-Cities before, and you want her to be a part of it, right?

4. BMW of Tri-Cities is one of the sponsors? Enough said!

3. She's always wanted somebody to serve her hor d'oeuvres on a tray, and given your lack of balance, you couldn't do it. Mission accomplished!

2.  Some lucky lady at the event will win a $4,000 kitchen suite from Fred's Appliance! New kitchen toys for her to fix those holiday meals with -- yay for you!

1. It's 10 times better than having her take you to a chick flick at the movies! She will be talking about this event for months to come!

Get more details right here on our website by clicking Indulge for Ladies on the homepage. Truly a great night out for her, guys... hint hint!

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