On Monday, November 13th, 2017 the Gesa Carousel of Dreams will be hosting the very first annual Ride-A-Thon! The proceeds will help raise money for capital improvement and horse preservation funds.

Before the ponies were brought to Washington in 2014, they lived in Roswell, New Mexico, in storage since 1972. They were created in 1910 and brought joy to the children of St. Joseph, Michigan, making them over 100 years old. The carousel would not be here if it were not for the volunteers and local businesses that helped make this dream come true.

Over 440,000 riders have been on the carousel to this day. But for the Ride-A-Thon, their goal will be 1000 riders. Participants must make a tax deductable donation of at least $50 to help reach the financial goal of $50,000. To thank those who donate, Papa John's Pizza and Coca-Cola will be provided at the event, along with shirts that will be given to each person. Take part in yet another chapter of the historic Gesa Carousel of Dreams!

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