Pasco police were busy trying to corral a homeless theft suspect, who ended up in a protective hood because he kept trying to spit on officers.

Authorities released an image of the suspect, who was arrested Sunday morning. 42-year-old Shawn Robin Harmon was identified as the man who entered the Sky Market at 8th and A Street around 7:15AM, waved a large knife at the clerk, and proceeded to steal a Lime-A-Rita beer and chips.

Upon arrival, officers found him sitting on a grassy area near the store. The suspect tried to 'sneak' away when he saw police units approaching, and dropped his knife which was later recovered. Instead of it being a routine arrest however, he became combative and ended up being placed in a protective "spit hood" because he kept spewing saliva towards officers. He also is facing at least two counts of threatening to kill not the just officers but their families as well.

After finally securing Harmon and having him medically checked out, he's now in the Franklin County jail facing a laundry list of felonies--most from the threats and behavior towards the officers. Police said he is officially classified as homeless.

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