For part of the day, it's not too bad really, but during morning hours and after 1-2pm, it can become impossible.

We're sure there are intersections you travel through that just cause your head to explode. Well, maybe not. But this one is frustrating for many drivers.

The intersection of 28th and Lewis in Pasco really needs a North-South left turn signal. This area is surprisingly busy, with a lot of afternoon commuters, then school buses dropping of dozens of children etc.  Especially for the Northbound cars wanting to get on 395 and head over the Bridge.

A street is one of the widely used East -West streets across town, as is Lewis. The A street drivers hope to turn West to get on the highway towards the Blue Bridge. Then you have a lot of drivers heading South, from Sylvester and other areas, heading for the same goal. The result?

Two long lines of cars that never move.  The cars going through the intersection hold up the cars that need to turn West onto Lewis towards the Bridge, and by the time somebody moves, you get 1 or 2 that have time. In the meantime, more and more cars stack up down 28th past the Shopping Spot and Flamingo Village.

The city needs a left turn signal for both North and South.  Are you listening Pasco City Hall?  This image shows what it looks like when youre 9-10 cars back waiting...and waiting...and waiting.   We've spent as much as 10 minutes before we could get on the highway.

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