blinding sun blamed for driver running stoplight (KPD)

An early morning crash at 4th and Edison in Kennewick has left the intersection as a four-way stop, likely for at least a few hours Monday, June 21.

Kennewick Police and Fire units responded in the 6AM hour to a report of two-vehicle collision that ended up with a rollover.

Traffic control box taken out in crash 4th and Edison (KPD)
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One of the drivers was hurt, but the extend of their injuries is not known. Police say the driver headed East on 4th Ave. said they were blinded by the bright sun, and they ran the red light. They slammed into the other vehicle, one of them rolled.

Police say one of the vehicles ended up sliding into the traffic control box on the corner, taking out the stop lights.

As of this writing, temporary stop signs have been placed at the intersection, it will be at least a number of hours before the lights are restored at this busy corner.

The accident continues to be investigated. Police urge people this time of year to be extra careful in the early morning and late PM hours because our Tri-City sun can do a number on your eyes.  And, make sure you keep your windshield clean because under these conditions a dirty screen can make it almost impossible to see into the bright sun.


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