Shortly after 9:30am Monday, the Grandview School District issued the following statement:

"Threat causes Grandview School District to go into Secure and Teach mode. This morning the Grandview School District became aware of a threat via social media. After consulting with the Grandview Police Department all schools have been placed in a Secure and Teach mode until further notice. Secure and Teach mode means classroom doors are closed and locked, but teaching and student movement within the building continue as usual. The safety and welfare of our students is of our utmost concern. We will update you as we learn more."

UPDATE--the following statement was just released by school officials:

"Grandview Sch. Dist.: Update - Continuing to monitor the situation and communicate with law enforcement. We have sent out multiple forms of communication to parents. We are looking at our options for regular school dismissal. We will have our next update at 1:30 today."


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