Columbia County Sheriff's and other law enforcement agencies say it's the most stolen property they've ever seen in one location.

A suspect is in jail, possibly more being sought, after officials served several warrants at a property in Waitsburg.  They found three pickup loads of items that were stolen.

The suspect is also reportedly facing possible narcotics charges, say Walla Walla county officials who assisted in the seizure. The suspect's drug charges would be out of Walla Walla County.

Officials didn't elaborate, but it could be related to another large burglary and drug scheme uncovered in the City of Dayton in January. In that raid, police arrested a suspect who was selling stolen goods as part of a property-for-drugs ring.

Officials say it's a problem that's been growing in rural areas. People stealing valuables, then trading or selling them to a 'fence', or middle man, who then supplies them with drugs.