Tipsoo Lake is a popular destination on the east edge of Mount Rainier National Park.

Another destination location in Washington State from the Tri-Cities is the popular Tipsoo Lake.

credit: aimee yoerger
credit: aimee yoerger

Fun: Viewing Wildflowers In The Meadows Around The Lake And Watching For Birds

Tipsoo Lake is on the east border of Mount Rainier National Park via State Route 410 and is worth the road trip from the Tri-Cities.

Tipsoo Lake offers some spectacular views and viewing wildflowers in all of their abundance and glory is a main attraction of the lake. There are plenty of hiking trails to explore around the lake.

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Have Fun Exploring And Hiking Tipsoo Lake Near Chinook Pass In Washington

According to the National Park Service, Tipsoo Lake is set in a glacier-carved basin and surrounded by subalpine wildflower meadows. The area experiences heavy snowfall in winter, with snow lingering well into June or even July.

Here are some photos of how beautiful the lake is:

Explore Tipsoo Lake Near Chinook Pass For A Unique Getaway

There is a gorgeous lake near the Tri-Cities and it's worth exploring. It's called Tipsoo Lake and we've got some beautiful pictures of this Mount Rainier hidden gem.

As you plan out your fall road trips, here are a few things you need to know about Tipsoo Lake:

Hiking Details At Tipsoo Lake According To The NPS:

A network of easy trails, suitable for all ages, leads through the subalpine meadows and around the lake. Naches Peak Loop Trail (3.4 miles) is a popular hike. Starting from Tipsoo Lake, the trail connects to the Pacific Crest Trail on the eastern edge of the park, then returns to Tipsoo Lake.

This trail features superb wildflower displays in midsummer, huckleberries in early fall, and brilliant autumn colors.

The Pacific Crest Trail crosses over SR 410 using the Chinook Pass Entrance Arch, which is actually a historic wood and stone bridge. Note that while dogs are allowed on the Pacific Crest Trail, pets are not permitted on the portion of the Naches Peak Loop Trail within the park or around Tipsoo Lake.

Tipsoo Lake is also the northern terminus of the Eastside Trail, which descends from the subalpine meadows around the lake to follow the Ohanapecosh River through old-growth forest to Ohanapecosh.

You can read more about Tipsoo Lake here. 

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