Movie, such as The Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift, make it look like these little import car drivers get away with speeding, drifting and drag racing while the Police are left behind.


Kennewick Police apprehended this wanna-be drifter early Sunday morning. Not only was this car seen trying to 'drift' (slide around a corner by burning the tires in a controlled spin) but they did it in front of an Officer.

Kennewick Police reports indicate this person might not have known they were right in front of a patrol unit. The driver started lighting them up, then tried to drift around a corner.  Bad move.

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They were promptly swarmed by a couple of units, and the driver nailed for driving without insurance, for starters. They will also be facing Reckless Driving as other charges as well. Those other chargers were not listed by Police.

Depending upon the charges, they also might be facing having to get their car out of impound, as often drivers' vehicles are towed from the scene if the charges are severe enough.

KPD reminded people, IF you want to engage in this kind of driving, do it in an area designated for such, perhaps when they do the cone racing stuff at the old Tri-City Raceway, often known as autocross.

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