While this didn't result in any serious damage or loss of life,   it grabbed attention of many in the Mid-Columbia, and had folks on social media chattering for weeks.

In a story that grabbed headlines for several weeks this summer,   law enforcement officials from various agencies were searching for leads or information as to what caused at least 16 mysterious brush fires on the median of Highway 240 between Edison St. and Columbia Drive in Kennewick.

Between July 25th. and August 12th, the Kennewick Fire Department responded to these small but puzzling fires.   Most of them were less than a few square yards,  others were less than two feed wide but spread to about 20 feet in length or shorter.

The mysterious part was,  no witnesses were able to give any information as to the source of the blazes.   Fire investigators were not able to find ANY of what they call "ignition sources,"  or triggers - such as cigarettes or evidence of arson.

Dozens of ideas were suggested, from sparks from passing vehicles, to cigarettes being tossed by drivers.   This summer was not especially drier than others,  even in drought years we never saw anything like this.

Then by the third week in August,  they abruptly stopped.    No information was released by authorities if any perpetrators or suspects were ever found.