Washington State Patrol has announced that the main entrance to Columbia Park on Westbound State Route 240 in Kennewick will be closed from 4 pm through 6 pm BOTH Saturday and Sunday.

This is your warning. NOTE THE FOLLOWING:

***Also, during the same time, the offramp from westbound State Route 240 to Edison Street will be closed.***

This is of particular concern since MOST people use the Edison Street exit as a turnaround point to head back to Kennewick. As many Water Follies weekends I've observed, every year I find myself angered that I didn't remember that WSDOT shuts down this exit.

The closure of the Edison Street offramp is to ensure a safe and quick exit of vehicles leaving Columbia Park during peak traffic time, just after 5 pm. Please be aware of backup traffic on the following exit. (Columbia Center Boulevard-The Mall Exit)

According to a press release from Washington State Patrol:

Vehicles will not be allowed to stop on the shoulders of SR 240 for the purpose of dropping off or picking up spectators, viewing the races, or air shows.

Shuttles are available

Ben-Franklin Transit has shuttle buses available to transport spectators to and from the event to various pick-up locations for a minimal fee. Pedestrians can be picked up at the designated pick-up/drop-off point in Columbia Park near the will-call
trailer. For additional information regarding transit drop-off and pick-up points, the public is asked to contact Ben-Franklin Transit. Please refer to their website for additional information.

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