Last week we made a quiz about the Tri-Cities and almost 100 people took it. We were surprised by some of the results, and we think you will be too!

  • 26 percent did not know we still have a working nuclear reactor making electricity!
  • 45 percent didn't know the Blue Bridge's real name is the Pioneer Memorial Bridge.
  • 9 percent didn't know agriculture was still an important source of jobs for the area!
  • 19 percent thought the precursor to the Tri-City Dust Devils was the Richland Red Devils.
  • 23 percent thought our old minor-league basketball team was called the Tornadoes!
  • 15 percent thought Cherokee was a top language spoken inside Pasco schools.
  • 57 percent didn't know Leslie Grove Park has a boat ramp! (it's on the north end of the park)

The good news? 100 percent knew Lewis & Clark camped at Sacajawea State Park (phew!)