Early Wednesday morning, it was announced, per CHL and WHL protocols concerning COVID, that the next two Tri CIty Americans games this weekend will be canceled.

The Americans were due to play on the road in Spokane Saturday, and in Portland Sunday. However, those games fell within the 7-10 day suspension of team activities window from the league.

When a team records a positive test within the organization, or from someone who is a close support part of the team, the league 'suspends' their activities. Nobody goes to the rink, no practice, etc.

The Americans game's last weekend were scrubbed due to a positive test that came about Friday; the formal announcement came midday Sat.

The league doesn't release personal information about which player, if any, tested positive because they are safeguarding their personal information.

Unlike professional sports, the CHL and WHL are considered amateurs, and the vast majority of the teams are teenagers 16-19.  Each team is allowed 3 20-year-olds, so the privacy and protection needs are VERY different.

Some people and even some media have commented as to why more information including player names is not public; it's for this reason. They're kids.

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The Americans are not the only team to deal with this, a new WHL press release indicates schedule changes are being made in the East and Central Divisions due to similar issues with the Calgary Hitmen. From the WHL-CHL:

"The Western Hockey League announced today changes to the schedule of games for the Central Division from April 22 through May 6, as well as the addition of one game to the B.C. Division schedule.
The Calgary Hitmen have been cleared to return to play after completing their 14-day isolation period and following further testing for COVID-19, which yielded no positive results. Team activities for the Hitmen were suspended on Thursday, April 8 after the Club received one positive test for COVID-19 within the team cohort. "

Keep listening to this Townsquare Media radio station, and watching our website and Facebook and Mobile App alerts for more details. Hoping to have the Ams back 4-28.


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