Craig West's Americans career is almost old enough to vote. The "Iron Man" of the WHL has been the voice of the Tri-City Americans since 2001. He's called 2,284 games in the WHL. 

But before his illustrious career in Tri-Cities started, he was working in Spokane for two arch-rival clubs. He split his time between the Spokane Chiefs and Spokane Indians.

It's his time with the Indians that has been immortalized in Hollywood.

In 1993, Johnny Depp starred in Benny & Joon. The movie is considered to be a sleeper hit, making over $23,000,000 in 1993 dollars.

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The film is set and was shot in Spokane.

Craig made his Hollywood debut around 16 minutes in. Benny (Aidan Quinn) has just given his Spokane Indians tickets to a co-worker. We see him listening to the game on the radio. Who's calling it? None other than Westy himself!

Westy doesn't brag much, but he did take some time to reminisce about the film as it celebrates 25 years.

You can watch the movie for free (with ads) on Walmart's streaming service, Vudu. Keep your ears peeled!

You can catch Craig on Newstalk 870 AM Thursday for game 4 of the Western Conference Finals.

For the love of Grandpa's cough syrup, let's win this one!

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